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The LEDC officially launched www.ylakeland.com in 2007.


YLakeland is an initiative of the High Skill High Wage Program that was developed in 2007. The goal of YLakeland is to attract and retain a young, skilled work-force. We believe that young, educated, talented, creative and sometimes zany professionals are an essential component of a healthy community. YLakeland connects high school and college students to what is happening in Lakeland and what opportunities our community offers beyond school.

At YLakeland, the blog topics are many and varied. Some recent posts include previews about local events, like college movie nights at Lakeland’s Polk Theatre. The YLakeland blog writes news updates from Lakeland and around Polk County and we are always on the lookout for new stores and restaurants opening around town,as well as features pieces on the city of Lakeland itself, such as good biking spots and parks around town, which is just part of what makes living in Lakeland such an amazing experience.  

If you have children or friends in College or High School have them check out our website at www.ylakeland.com .  To receive the YLakeland blogs you can save our website on your favorites or just do what most students do to stay connected, friend ylakeland on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. 

YLakeland Summer Leadership Program


YLakeland launched an 8-week (June-July) Summer Leadership Program for interns and new hires starting in the Summer, 2008. Since its inception in 2008, this program has had 280 participants from 68 local companies. Interns and new hires participated in eight half-day events featuring Local Art, Architecture, Quality of Life, High-Skill High-Wage & Industry Tours, Leadership Training & Speakers, Team Building, Communications, Socials, Networking & Community Service.

SLP Facts:

Participants: 280

Number of Companies:68

Average Age: 25

Interns: 91

New Hires: 189

From Lakeland: 95

Other Cities in Florida:104

Other States: 66

International: 15

Summer Leadership Program Information

SLP 2013 - Class VI
May 24-July 19, 2013
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SLP 2012 - Class V
May 24-July 19, 2012
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SLP 2011 - Class IV
June 2-July 21, 2011
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SLP 2010 - Class III
June 3-July 22, 2010
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SLP 2009 - Class II
May 28-July 23, 2009
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SLP 2008 - Class I
May 29-July 17, 2008
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SLP Program Testimonies
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SLP Program Testimonies
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SLP Program Testimonies
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SLP Pictures & Presentations