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LEDC226 N. Kentucky Avenue, 2nd Floor
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Steve Scruggs, President- LEDC

Steve Scruggs is President of the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC), a private, non-profit organization with approximately 135 member companies. Steve has been with the LEDC over 29 years. The LEDC’s primary role is to create jobs and capital investment by attracting new companies as well as facilitating the expansion of existing companies in the Lakeland area. Steve’s responsibilities at the LEDC include; Board of Directors, Budget, Catapult, Investor Relations, High Skill High Wage, City Visits, Angel/Venture Capital, Government Affairs, Media Relations, Community Presentations, Existing Industry, LE’s Large Customers & Infrastructure.  Email Steve


Laura Taylor, Vice President Operations- LEDC

Laura Taylor is the Vice President of Operations for the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC), a private, non-profit organization with approximately 135 member companies. Laura has been with the LEDC over 11 years. Laura’s responsibilities at the LEDC include; Manager of the Office & Facilities, Administration, Finance & Accounting, LEDC/Catapult Financials, Data Base Development, Demographics, Research, City Visit Administration, Board Meeting Agenda’s and Set-up, Annual Meetings, Workforce Development, Event Coordinator, IT & LEDC’s Website.  Email Laura


Ashley Cheek, Business Development Director- LEDC

Ashley Cheek is the Business Development Director of the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC). Ashley join the team in May 2016 and was previously a Property Representative Manager for Publix Super Markets Real Estate Department in their Lakeland headquarters. Ashley interned with the LEDC in 2011 & 2012 and is a graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Email Ashley


Joy Davis, Office Manager- LEDC

Joy Davis is the Office Manager of the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC). Joy’s responsibilities will include: Manager of the Office & Facilities, Administration, Data Base Development, Demographics, Research, City Visit Administration, Board Meeting Agenda’s and Set-up, Purchasing, Website Manager & Event Coordinator. Email Joy


Meg Bellamy, Executive Director- Catapult Lakeland

Meg Bellamy is the Executive Director at Catapult, a place where entrepreneurs can flourish and develop ideas that result in growing businesses in Lakeland. Meg’s responsibilities at Catapult include; Budget, Advisory Board, Community Relations, Mission & Vision, Staff Training, Dashboards, Annual Reports, Investor Relations, Membership Relations, and Programs. Email Meg


Anna Marie Smith, Membership Director-Catapult Lakeland

Anna Marie is the Membership Director for Catapult. She provides organizational effectiveness for Catapult through membership management, policies, resources, operations of the facility, and connection to the community of entrepreneurs. Anna Marie is also responsible for managing all technology and resources dedicated to creating the best user experience for entrepreneurs. Email Anna Marie


John Kazaklis, Program Director-Catapult

John Kazaklis is the Program Director for Catapult. His primary focus is to create educational opportunities for Catapult members and the community through the facilitation of workshops and courses. The goal through these initiatives is to help entrepreneurs get to the next level in their business by going through the proper training that is needed. John will also develop the current mentorship program and create a social media strategy plan for Catapult. Email John


Tom Monaco, Maker Space Director-Catapult

As Maker Space Director, Tom oversees all the operational aspects of the new Catapult Maker Space. This includes mentoring and educating makers (and future makers!), helping solve technical and creative challenges and ensuring everyone is working in a safe, collaborative and professional environment.
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Christina Graham, Executive Director- YLakeland

Christina Graham is the Executive Director of YLakeland, a program of Catapult. YLakeland started as an initiative of the Lakeland Economic Development Council, aka LEDC in 2007. Young, educated, talented, creative, and sometimes zany professionals are an essential component of a healthy community. YLakeland connects young professionals to what is happening around town and what opportunities our community offers beyond school. Christina’s responsibilities include: Summer Leadership Program and College Leadership Program coordinator, Online Marketing, Purchasing, Web Development, Research, Special Projects, Event/Tour Coordinator. Email Christina



Ashley Foss, Marketing Director- Lakeland

Ashley Foss is the Marketing Director for YLakeland. Ashley is responsible for the comprehensive creation and development of YLakeland’s marketing strategy and marketing initiatives. Currently, Ashley is working to develop a large-scale, fully integrated rebrand of the YLakeland website by actively collaborating with colleagues, and key stakeholders from YLakeland’s target audience. Email Ashley


Victoria Cooke, Programs Intern

Victoria Cooke, Programs Intern, is responsible for the operational success of YLakeland programs, Summer Leadership Program and Campus Blitz. She oversees program delivery, team management and development, quality control and evaluation of programs. Email Victoria