Foundation Giving Expands

Following a City Visit to Chattanooga in 2013 where we were inspired by the investments made in their community by the Lyndhurst, Benwood and Maclellan Foundations, Lakeland’s Give Well Foundation made a gift of $15 million to Downtown Development, Entrepreneurs & Talent Recruitment & Retention.

In Lakeland, $10 million was given to purchase, renovate and equip a 40,000 square foot Historic Building in the heart of Downtown Lakeland on Lake Mirror.  The restored facility, Catapult 2.0, will house a Commercial Kitchen, Maker Space, Coworking Space, Dedicated Desks and Private Offices for up to 300 entrepreneurs, and is scheduled to open in late 2017.  $5 million was given to help operate Catapult 2.0 and YLakeland, our talent recruitment and retention education initiative.  Our hope is that this is the first of many Community Foundation gifts that support Downtown Development, Entrepreneurs and Talent Recruitment & Retention in Lakeland. Ledger Article  EditorialCat1_Page_1