LEDC – Intern Program

The LEDC started an Internship program in 2005 following a meeting where they were inspired by MPACT Memphis on a City Visit to Memphis in 2004 with The Tampa Chamber of Commerce.  Since 2005, The LEDC has hired over 30 Interns whose responsibilities have included work with LEDC, YLakeland, Summer Leadership Program & our Cool Asset Video Contest.


Kaitlyn TrindadeSpring 2018Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Maison ChamblessSpring 2018 Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Christin StrawbridgeSpring 2018Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Trevor PetersSpring 2018Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Chazlyn O'BannonFall 2017Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Laina SweetneyFall 2017 Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Natalia CamargoSummer 2017 Southeastern University Catapult
Christine Tran Summer 2017Southeastern UniversityCatapult
Taylor BeckSummer 2017, Spring 2018 Belmont UniversityYLakeland
Abby CookeSummer 2017Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Christin StrawbridgeSummer 2017Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Maggie LeachSpring 2017Southeastern UniversityCatapult
Connor LockhartSpring 2017Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Summer HendrixSpring 2017Florida International UniversityYLakeland
Zoe TroutFall 2016Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Victoria CookeFall 2016Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Aaron MouerSummer 2016Southeastern UniversityCatapult
Karla MartinezSpring 2016 & Summer 2016Florida Polytechnic UniversityYLakeland
Katie WidnerSpring 2016Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Victoria BardegaSpring 2016 & Summer 2016Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Luana PeixotoSpring 2016Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Alex HowellFall 2015Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Tucker ScruggsSummer 2015 & Summer 2016University of FloridaYLakeland
Morgan CarltonSummer 2015 & Summer 2016University of FloridaSLP
Taylor ManningSpring 2015Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Laura RiveraFall 2014Southeastern UniversityVideo Contest
Maggie RossFall 2014Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Christina DiMugno GrahamSpring 2014 & Summer 2014Southeastern UniversityCatapult & SLP
Rebecca PadgettSpring 2014Florida Southern CollegeCatapult
Maggie RossFall 2013 & Spring 2014Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Olivia SchichtelSummer 2013Furman UniversitySLP
Maggie RossFall 2012 & Spring 2013Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Katherine FitzwaterSpring 2013University of FloridaYLakeland
Ashley AttawaySummer 2012Samford UniversitySLP
Kelsey TresslerSpring 2012Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Olivia GeorgeFall 2011Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Ashley AttawaySummer 2011Samford CollegeSLP
Savannah EavesSummer 2011Wheaton CollegeSLP
Olivia GeorgeSpring 2011Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Michelle WhiteFall 2010Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Meg BellamySummer 2010Florida Southern CollegeSLP
Katherine SchichtelSummer 2010Furman UniversitySLP
Josh NederveldSpring 2010University of FloridaYLakeland
Kristy MyersFall 2009Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Carrie CurrieSpring 2009University of South FloridaYLakeland
Elizabeth SantangeloFall 2008Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Meg BellamySummer 2008Florida Southern CollegeSLP
Graham MorrisSpring 2008McKeel AcademyYLakeland
Gervin LaperaFall 2007University of South FloridaYLakeland
Charly CaiFall 2007Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Stephanie MontanezSpring 2007Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland
Hannah SimpsonFall 2006Southeastern UniversityYLakeland
Cathalain CarterSpring 2005Florida Southern CollegeYLakeland