YLakeland is a 501c3 and sister to Catapult Lakeland, both of which are initiatives of the Lakeland Economic Development Council.

YLakeland helps connect students and young professionals with the community and assets that make Lakeland unique. Sure we love a good chain restaurant, who doesn’t? But we live local and will keep you in the know on events, things to do, new businesses to call Lakeland home and much more. We strive to give you an insider’s perspective on the amazing things our community has to offer and the people that make living Lakeland such a wonderful place to call home.

The content you’ll find on YLakeland is run by college students from one of the 5 local universities and we pride ourselves on being an authentic voice for the Lakeland community. For this reason, content may vary based on the interest of our interns but we promise that they will give you a unique, positive perspective on their favorite things in Lakeland.