Office Building Sales




CompanyAddressYearSQ. FT.PricePrice/SQ. FT.
KLABER ERNEST L to PAUSCO LLC5147 S LAKELAND DR20185,800$617,500$106.47
CRF Pipkin LLC to Navjay LLC500 S Florida Ave201812,500$1,050,000$84.00
Twelve Point Holdings LLC to DMG Drive LLC3700 DMG Drive 201812,375$1,145,000$92.53
Chastain Skillman to 37 South Lakeside Business Park, LLC4705 Old Hwy 37201815,000$1,200,000$80.00
Capesa Company, LLC to Mauro Ruffy4690 Exploration Ave201812,000$1,925,000$160.42
Ten Cap Partners LLC to MIDFLORIDA2000 E Edgewood201824,752$2,252,500$91.00
Grenson Inc to MIDFLORIDA2128 E Edgewood Dr201810, 802$1,211,700$112.70
Stonehouse Capital to LKLD Institute for Learning2020 Capital Grove20187,975$600,000$75.24
KAMP to ARZC Partners LLC509 W. 540 A20185,000$685,000$137
BOONE VENTURES LLC1525 S. Florida Ave. 20187,000$930,000$132.85
GRINDLEY WILLIAMS PLLC4175 S Pipkin Rd. Suite 208-21420179,765$525,000$53.76
Polk Theatre Inc.117 W. Lemon Street20177,081$500,000$70.61
TP Twelve LLC to The Geneva Group402 S. Kentucky Ave.201771,190$7,200,000$101.14
L K & T Properties LLC to J. Thompson Properties 1820 E. Edgewood Dr.20178,076$1,212,500 $150.12
300 West Lime LLC to Lakeland West Lime LLC300 West Lime St.2016181,720$19,476,582$107.18
Heritage Plaza LLC to BKP Five LLC225 East Lemon St.201640,956$6,573,600$160.50
Florida Citrus Mutual to Publix Super Markets, Inc.411 East Orange Street201624,556$3,100,000$126.24
Nelms Warren Boger to Rispartners Vascular LLC3221 S. Florida Ave.201611,028$1,350,000$122.45
HPC Healthcare Inc to Main Street Building LLC 320 West Main Street201615,000$1,400,000$93.33
AHS Properties LLC to Trinova of Florida LLC2401 Drane Field Rd.201617,817$1,835,000$102.99
Norman Investment LLC to Saqib Khan116 S. Tennessee Ave.20169,760$681,000$69.77
Highland Commericial Properties LLC to Isabella Property LLC4310 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 3381320166,500$1,060,000$163.08
Belvedere Professional Office 1525 S. Florida Ave.20156,980$825,000$118.19
1509 S. Florida LLC1509 S. Florida Ave.20157,576$900,000$118.80
CFMG Properties LLC454 W. Pipkin Road20147,220$60.94
2012 South Florida LLC2012 S. Florida Avenue20145,084$125.39
500 South LLC500 S. Florida Avenue201471,640$91.43
Broadway Office Investors II LLC223-235 N. Kentucky Avenue/
316 E. Pine/304 E. Pine Street
Chas P. Smith & Associates205 E. Orange Street201325,929$44.35
Bank of Central FL (Century)5015 S. Florida Avenue201140,000$125.00
National Truck Terminals II LLC1006 Griffin Road2011164,624$19.90
Broadway 100 S. Kentucky Avenue200926,238$106.72
Bank of America (Aspyre Properties)331 S. Florida Avenue200851,000$147.28
Vista Professional Center (G&E Healthcare REIT)3035-3133 Lakeland Hills Blvd.200839,160$135.34
Heritage Plaza (Century)225 E. Lemon Street200738,000$184.21
SunTrust (Century)210 S. Florida Avenue200760,000$158.33
Plaza Center (Mirco Path Labs)US Hwy 98 S.200720,866$138.98
Century Plaza (Century)500 S. Florida Avenue200071,640$71.23
Bank of America (CBA)331 S. Florida Avenue199951,000$68.00
Higgenbotham3816 Industry Blvd.20149,550$20.94
Lockheed Martin1040 S. Pkwy Frontage Road201373,709$97.97
Verizon 300 W. Lime Street2012181,720$45.67
FedEx333 E. Lemon Street2011164,624$19.90
Precision Electric3990 S. Pipkin Rd.20116,000$50.00
Land South Group4030 S. Pipkin Road201112,160$73.19
Florida Traditions Bank440 S. Florida Avenue20108,320$93.22
Chapters/Good Shepherd Hospice320 W. Main Street201015,000$99.33
I Path Laboratories501 Peachtree Street20102,958$110.00
Florida Rural Legal Services (Town Gate)1321 E. Memorial Blvd.201014,378$143.78
Lakeland Regional Health Systems (Oates Building)230 S. Florida Avenue200940,069$86.10
Florida Methodist Conference (Lake Wire)450 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue200933,380101.86
Bank of America (Century)5001 S. Florida Avenue20079,675$118.63
Summit Consulting2310 Commerce Point 2007130,000$134.62
Odyssey III DP II LLC1040 S. Pkwy Frontage Road200470,000$108.57